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Renisha Lewinson founded Ralph’s Chocolate Delights in February 2020. The company was created by our family with the focus of ensuring the quality of our chocolate products, providing it at an affordable price and to ensure happy fun memories to people and families of the community. Renisha Lewinson has always loved hot chocolate her whole life since she was a child and her Dad, Derrick “Ralph” Lewinson use to have quality family time with her and her siblings as they drank hot chocolate chatting, sharing stories, memories and laughing around the fireplace. Her father Ralph was such a happy person always laughing and lighting up the room with his charismatic personality. This made him a tremendous business man as he owned his own construction business, which gave Renisha her passion for business and the knowledge of what it takes to own and run one, instilling in her the importance of quality and customer service.  In 2020 Ralph, Renisha's beloved Dad passed away and she decided to name the Business after him  "Ralph's Chocolate Delights" as he was such an inspiration in her life. Ralph and his family shared delightful hot chocolate conversations, memories and laughter for years until then. Now Renisha shares her traditions of the beloved hot chocolate conversations with her family along with many other families.  

Derrick Ralph Lewinson From Ralph's Chocolate Delights

Combined with her love of chocolate and hot chocolate, she also has a bachelor's in Finance and Management. Ranisha's beloved Mother later passed away in 2022, she enjoyed cooking and provided delicious meals and mouthwatering experience for our family and the community. She taught Renisha how important quality is with each meal and her memories will also live on in our quality chocolate. Renisha has learned a lot from both her parents, her past memories, professional experiences and from her experiences and love  of hot chocolate.

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We believe our experiences makes us not only unique but also very qualified for providing quality products, experiences and memories for our customers. We understand that memories are very important and creating them with family and friends are even more important.

Living in today's world in the years of the 2020s and going forward, it makes us value the time we spend with family and friends even more. Enjoying a delicious Hot Chocolate Bomb with them is what makes fun memories. With Ralph’s Chocolate Delights research and high-quality products, we continue to look forward to a very bright future as our company stays on the cutting edge of product research to help everyone be proactive regarding fun interactive and tasty treats for their loved ones. There has never been a better time than now to take control of your lives, make memories and enjoy the things that brings family and friends together. Ralph’s Chocolate Bombs does just that by bringing happiness and fun memories to our customers.


Ralph and Family

 Derrick Ralph Lewinson From Ralph's Chocolate Delights